The Garden State Valet Experience

Prior to the Event


Once you contact Garden State Valet, we will dedicate a valet parking team to your event and you will be assigned a lead contact to oversee the event from start to finish. Your lead contact will meet with you at the location of the event and will with you to develop a parking plan for the event taking into account specific details of the event such as forecasting vehicle volume, performing a site evaluation to design the optimal traffic flow and developing a parking strategy for vehicle storage during your event.  If necessary, we can arrange for off-site parking on your behalf. We will also provide you with a certificate of insurance in advance of your event which can include you as an additional insured.  By completing all of these pre-event planning steps, we will provide you with confidence and ensure a smooth and formal arrival and departure for each of your guests.

Beginning of the Event

Upon arrival, each guest will be greeted warmly and professionally by a Garden State Valet parking attendant. Our attendants welcome each guest by opening vehicle doors and providing a warm and cheerful greeting. Guests will be assisted with packages, coats, umbrellas, etc., and will be provided with information regarding vehicle retrieval times and procedures.  All vehicle keys will be stored in a locked keybox to ensure their safety. When guests depart, our valet parking attendants will run to retrieve their vehicles as quickly as possible.  When delivering vehicles, doors are opened and guests are assisted in a first-class manner, and instructed to have a good night or day.  We will gladly provide any guest with directions to their destination, the nearest gas station, or highway.  Our goal is to make the best first and last impression and provide the perfect complementing to the perfect event.

End of the Event

At the end of the event, the valet parking attendant will make sure that all keys and cars are delivered to their rightful owners. No valet parking attendant shall leave a shift until all cars are returned. The valet parking attendant will clean up any trash or mess that was made during the shift and neatly store all parking equipment back to where it was stored prior to the event.

Each event is different and there are many factors that need to be considered and discussed in making sure that attention is paid to every detail. Let Garden State Valet pay attention to and manage the details of your event and provide you with the customer satisfaction you deserve.

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