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Our valet parking attendants are the key to our success. We employ the best valet parking attendants available by identifying individuals with a strong work ethic and a preexisting understanding and appreciation of customer service and then putting each candidate through a rigorous training program where each potential valet parking attendant must pass a written and road driving test. This process helps ensure that we are only adding the very best associates to our team.

Ultimately, our unmatched customer service is our sustainable competitive advantage and we take that very seriously. Our team of professional valet parking attendants, managers and support staff is the key to our success.

We are only concerned with hiring the best and brightest valet parking attendants. In order to pass our initial screening process, a driver must meet the following qualitative requirements:

  • at a minimum, be nineteen (19) years of age, although twenty-one (21) years of age is preferred;
  • at least 2 years of licensed driving experience;
  • possess a valid state drivers license, not expired or suspended and with no major violations;
  • cannot have a criminal record;
  • pass a background check and drug test;
  • have dependable transportation to get to and from work;
  • demonstrate good driving skills during a road test, including the ability to drive a stick shift proficiently and to parallel park;
  • pass the company driver written and road test;
  • well-groomed with no beards, mustaches or visible tattoos; and
  • have good customer relations and people skills.

If a potential Garden State Valet parking attendant meets these requirements and personality fits with our culture, we invite that person to join our rigorous valet parking training program.

Training and development of our valet parking attendants is critical to our business philosophy and allows us to continue to grow and improve as an organization. We must constantly focus on training, developing and nurturing our employees if we expect to grow as an organization. As a result, we invest in top-level orientation programs to get everyone off to a great start and provide regular and ongoing training and feedback for each employee at Garden State Valet.

Each valet parking attendant must attend an employee orientation training program which will include all rules and procedures for Garden State Valet and the expectations and requirements for its drivers. In order to complete the training and be qualified as a valet parking attendant for Garden State Valet, each valet parking attendant must successfully complete a competency evaluation and pass a formal driving test. We also require each valet parking attendant to attend refresher training seminars every year. Additionally, each valet parking attendant will be subject to periodic, unannounced performance evaluations.

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