About Us

Garden State Valet is a valet parking company that specializes in providing valet parking services to restaurants, catering halls, country clubs and other private events within New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area. We recognize the importance of viewing our job as not just parking cars, but rather serving our guests. We are committed to this philosophy of serving our guests and making sure each guest is greeted with a smile and is delivered his car with a smile and a warm invite to return.

We understand that making a positive impression and providing excellent customer service requires more than just taking keys from a customer and parking their car. We concentrate on efforts on making lasting impressions by providing friendly, reliable, trustworthy and conscientious services to each and every guest and taking the time to communicate, acknowledge and appreciate each guest. All our competitors park cars, we take parking cars to the next level.

Our dedicated team members invest extra time and effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team are all personable, professional and well trained driving attendants that are focused on our core values of serving our guests and providing excellent customer service.

Mission Statement

Provide the perfect valet car parking experience by treating each guest as family and treating their cars as our own.

Each guest should feel comfortable leaving their cars with our friendly, professional and well-trained staff 

Core Values

Garden State Valet is driven by our core values. We strive to achieve excellence in every valet parking assignment. Our management and staff firmly believe that these values are what allow us to provide the quality parking services that our clients have learned to expect from us.

-          Integrity: We treat each client, guest and co-worker with fairness, dignity, and respect. This encourages an open and honest environment for both our employees and our clients. We are dedicated to maintaining, and building upon our reputation for quality service, trust and high values that has made us the company we are today.

-          Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to providing the best services for our clients and their guests. We welcome each guest and accept the key to their vehicles with the understanding and expectation that we will treat it with care and respect. We aspire to the highest level of excellence and believe hard work and diligence leads to a successful valet parking experience.

-    Dedication to our Clients: We treat our clients as partners and work hard to foster the relationship and trust between us and our clients. We are responsive, flexible, innovative and proactive in communicating and working with our clients. We make and keep our commitments - we get the job done!

-   Teamwork: Our management, valet parking attendants and staff have pride in working together and are all integral members of a highly motivated team delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients and their guests. We realize that cooperation and communication are the keys to our success. We accept tasks as a group, not as individuals. By developing the best in one another, and encouraging each member of our team to learn and grow, we achieve our corporate and individual potential.

-   Opportunity: We approach our work with passion, devotion, and vitality and believe that remaining positive and looking ahead are essential to success. Our growth as a company is driven by our level of service and quality and we expect our valet parking attendants to learn and grow with the business. With our growth comes opportunity for our employees and we encourage and expect our valet parking attendants to gain experience and knowledge and ascend the ranks at our company, eventually becoming part of management.

-   Accountability: Empower each individual to identify deficits and fix them, to offer constructive feedback, and take a personal responsibility towards setting the standard for the parking services industry on a daily basis. We provide our valet parking attendants with a lot of responsibility, expect them to perform and hold them accountable for the locations they service and the cars they park.

-   Improvement and Innovation: We realize that our industry is continually evolving. Accordingly, we constantly work to innovate our business to accommodate our clients‘ changing needs. Our innovative thinking and continuous improvement provides our clients and their guests with the most up-to-date parking technology and quality services.

By consistently striving to meet our core values, we will provide our valued employees the
opportunity for personal growth and economic reward while ensuring success and profitability for our company.

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